Parisot Midsleeper Beds

The Parisot Midsleeper is perfect for a young child, or even for a smaller bedroom. Parisot Midsleeper beds are compact and versatile while offering a range of storage options to cater to you and your child’s needs. They also offer a heightened bed and vantage point which your child will love. Do you need clothes space? A Parisot Midsleeper can come with various types of drawers for clothes of all kinds. Perhaps you need a shelf for your child’s book, films or board games? Perhaps you would like a desk for your child to do drawing or work at, or a place to put a TV or computer? Parisot Midsleepers can account for any of these needs. The Parisot Midsleepers also come in a variety of fashionable forms, allowing you to cater to your child's wishes, and whatever they require from their bedroom - everything will be packed into one compact, comfortable unit.
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  1. Parisot On Site Building Service

    Parisot On Site Building Service

    • Professional build by Parisot
    • Guaranteed quality workmanship
    • UK mainland coverage
  2. Parisot Smoozy Midsleeper
    Multiple Colours Multiple Colours

    Parisot Smoozy Midsleeper

    RRP: £449.99 | Save £150.00 (33%)
    • White finish
    • blue or pink trim
    • Pull out desk
  3. Parisot Discovery Midsleeper

    Parisot Discovery Midsleeper

    RRP: £439.99 | Save £90.00 (20%)
    • Contemporary design
    • Built-in storage
    • Neutral colouring
  4. Parisot Fabric Midsleeper

    Parisot Fabric Midsleeper

    RRP: £649.99 | Save £220.00 (33%)
    • Army style print
    • Pull out desk
    • Storage areas
  5. Parisot Kurt 1 Midsleeper

    Parisot Kurt 1 Midsleeper

    RRP: £849.99 | Save £170.00 (20%)
    • Acacia finish
    • Massive amount of storage
    • Pull out desk
  6. Parisot Swan Midsleeper

    Parisot Swan Midsleeper

    RRP: £849.99 | Save £170.00 (20%)
    • Stunning White Finish
    • Pull out Desk & Storage
    • Popular choice
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