Furniture Warehouse Small Double Beds

Ideal for rooms where space can sometimes be a little cramped, small double beds - such as those from our Furniture Warehouse range - occupy a useful niche among bedroom furniture.

Furniture Warehouse small double beds come in a range of classy colours, with silver often used to add a metallic gloss to the design. A high head end and a low foot end often carry vertical slats in pairs, giving the overall design a layer of modern quirkiness. Lightweight, but solidly constructed, this type of bed's supporting centre legs provide additional stability and durability.

These beds look great with any colour of bedding, giving you a full range of options when it comes to matching it with the right fabrics. Elegant and functional, these beds, with their simple, minimalist design, offer great value for your home.

With price discounts in place, and free next day or scheduled delivery options available, ordering online with Bedz 'R' Us is the most convenient way to get your hands on one of these superb beds.
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