Furniture Warehouse Double Mattresses

The Furniture Warehouse double mattress range promises an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep, along with orthopaedic health benefits too. These double mattresses include a memory foam layer, gradually shaping themselves to your body for your comfort when sleeping. They have in-built orthopaedic support, which means your body benefits, even while you sleep! Furniture Warehouse double mattresses even have washable covers, meaning your mattress can be kept in the best possible condition and making it easy to deal with any spills or stains. Mattresses are categorised by firmness, from soft to firm - simply choose your preference.

If you're looking for great quality and value for money, save on the recommended retail price on this range of mattresses when you shop with Bedz 'R' Us. We'll also throw in next day delivery for free, so you can have your perfect night's sleep sooner. For a peaceful sleep, browse the range right away.
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