Furniture Warehouse Day Beds

Providing seating by day, and a bed for night time, day beds make ideal pieces of furniture for guest bedrooms. We stock a range of Furniture Warehouse day beds which make ideal choices when you need a touch of versatility in your home.

Each bed in this range offers a distinct style, ranging from minimalist design to something much more ornate, with some items designed to resemble pretty vintage furniture. Many items have durable metal frames, and designs vary from traditional to contemporary. Some items offer variation, with trundle guest beds lying underneath their main beds. Fresh, crisp colour schemes make these beds even more appealing, and they go with a great variety of colours to suit your decor.

With tempting discounts in place, and home delivery options available, ordering online with Bedz 'R' Us is the quickest, most convenient way to get your hands on one of these superb Furniture Warehouse beds.
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