Children use their bedrooms for more than just sleeping, so it is important to try and give them as much space as possible. Bunk beds are a great way of achieving this.

Bunk beds come in a number of different designs. While most are standard single size in width, there are some which have a wider lower bunk to offer greater comfort. Some may have drawers beneath the lower bunk as well, which will help you save even more space. The majority can be taken apart and used as two separate single beds to offer you greater flexibility in terms of sleeping arrangements.

Similar to bunk beds are high sleepers. These are beds that are almost like the top half of a bunk bed only with space beneath, rather than there being another bed on which to sleep. The space can be used for a desk or for additional storage in the form of cupboards or chests of drawers. By moving these items under the bed from elsewhere in the room, children have additional space in which to play.

Just as with bunk beds, you can get high sleepers made of metal or different types of wood. Many even come with storage or desks built into them.