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    Buying a New Mattress

    Considerations When Buying A New Mattress Everyone is aware of the importance of a getting enough sleep, but unfortunately, few of us achieve this. It is estimated that nearly 70% of people go to bed at night on an unsuitable mattress. If you are tired of tossing and turning all night long, only to drag yourself out of bed in the morning feeling like...
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    Beds For Teenagers

    Beds for Teenagers - What They Need and What They Want If you are the parent of a teenager, it will become immediately apparent that bed shopping is not the straightforward task it once was. During a child’s infant years, you are pretty much able to make the choice of new bed on their behalf; teenagers, on the other hand, are much more independent...
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    Choosing a bed

    We've come along way since sleeping on hay! Beds are now one of the most important items of furniture in our homes. Often it's the one piece of furniture guests don't see but as its so essential to our well-being we all should aim to get the bed that's right for us. Often this isn't as easy as it sounds when there is so much...
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    What style of bed is right for you?

    These days, the bedroom serves a number of purposes - it's no longer just a place to sleep, it's an area to relax, whether watching TV, reading a good book, or snuggling up in the evening. Many people treat a bedroom as their own personal oasis, a place to de-stress after a hectic day. Keeping this in mind, you want your bedroom to be both...
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    The Right Beds For Children

    Children need a lot more sleep than adults; too little and it will really disrupt their body clock. A young child who hasn't had enough sleep will tend to be very cranky, whereas school age children will have difficulty concentrating throughout the day. Every parent knows exactly how difficult it is to get a toddler to sleep, whether it's a nap during the daytime or...
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