Tips to stop snoring

Everyone knows a snorer, maybe everyone hears snoring at night, and possibly some of you sleep on the sofa because of the snorer or because you are the snorer.

Below, we will give you several tips on how to keep off the sofa and save everybody from hearing the dorsal tones of a snorer each night.

1. Lose weight
In an increasingly over-weight country, being overweight will increase your chances of snoring as fat puts pressure on your throat when you lie down and causes you to snore.

Get some exercise and lose some weight and you will cut your chances of snoring during your sleep.

2. Try a new sleeping position
Simply changing from sleeping on your back to sleeping on your side can help reduce the likelihood of snoring. When sleeping on your side you will stop your tongue falling back into your throat, unlike when lying on your back.

3. Cut out the alcohol
As we know, alcohol relaxes your muscles, including your airway. Hence, your airways collapse when trying to sleep after a heavy night of drinking and makes simple breathing more difficult.

4. Try some help
There are lots of pieces of equipment out there which can help you sleep more peacefully and help you stop snoring, but check with your doctor before investing in one.

Open-mouth snorers can use mouth guards to help keep their mouth closed whilst they sleep. Tongue snorers can use a Mandibular Advancement Device to help move the jaw forward and prevent the tongue blocking the airway. Whilst a nose snorer might use a nasal dilator strip to keep the airways open.

5. Surgery
If none of the above work and snoring is becoming a real issue, then it might be worth getting medical help regarding specialist surgery. However, this should be the last resort.

There is no definitive cure or solution for snoring, but hopefully, some of the above tips help you have a peaceful night and stop someone (usually the snorer) spending the night on the sofa.