Ten Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

In this day and age, it is increasingly important to get a good night’s sleep to help ward off the worries of the day, but most importantly, to reduce your stress levels.

Each and every day we are constantly on the go in the modern world, hence, it can be increasingly difficult to switch off at night, which causes functioning difficulty in the following.

Here at BedzRus, we have complied a list of tips to help you build a bedtime routine, where sleep becomes a habit and you regularly get a good night’s sleep.

1 – Set yourself a cut-off time
When it comes to a certain time in the evening (e.g. 8.30pm) you are not allowed to do any jobs – whether that is work tasks or medial things around the house – you just concentrate on relaxing and winding down for the evening.

This may feel unproductive at first, maybe due to the amount of tasks you need to do, but just how much fresher you will be the following day. If there are things worrying you – write them down – build a list for the next day and let yourself relax for the night.

2 – Avoid blue light
This may be a difficult one with all the modern day technology, from phones to laptops, tablets to televisions. However, it is an increasingly common issue with research indicating the blue light (artificially emitted from phones, tablets, laptops, etc) stimulates the brain into producing a chemical that causes it to be more alert.

As mentioned above, set yourself a cut-off time for using your phone. Scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter timeline might be relaxing, but your brain will not be giving you a like or a retweet.

3 – Get some blackout blinds and thick curtains
Your body needs to know that when you are in your bed it is time to sleep. Investing in blackout blinds helps keep your room as dark as possible all year round meaning your body clock is not confused by the early rising sun in the summer.

Whilst the thick curtains will act as a sound barrier as well as keeping the light out. If you live in a city or near a main road, the last thing you want to be woken up by is a police car racing past at 3am in the morning.

4 – Keep work away from the bedroom
Your bedroom is for sleeping, not for work. So leave any work related items; laptop, diary, work phone, elsewhere and keep your bedroom a work-free sanctuary. The presence of work related items could trigger your brain into thinking about work life.

5 – Take a bath
Adding a bath to your nighttime routine will relax your muscles, plus the rise and fall of your body temperature will make you feel drowsy just in time for bed.

6 – Aromatherapy
Whilst some people may consider aromatherapy a new-age nonsense, it is now generally accepted that aromatherapy is a legitimate method for getting a good night’s sleep. Specific sleep-inducing products (pillow sprays) where they are made with essential oils such as lavender and chamomile will help set the bedtime mood.

7 – Ditch the caffeine
Similar to the first point, set yourself a cut-off time for drinking anything with caffeine in it. It is a no-brainer but did you know that chocolate, alcohol and nicotine also affect your quality of sleep. Avoid these products at least three to four before going to bed.

8 – Have a glass of hot milk
Ever wonder why everyone falls asleep after their Sunday roast and Christmas dinner? Certain foods and drinks have a drowsy induced effect on the brain, which gives you that warm, full and sleepy feeling to help you fall asleep. Hot milk will do the trick – saves cooking a full meal at 9pm at night!

9 – Perfect your bed
Make sure your bed, mattress, pillows and duvet are just the way you like them. Finding a softer or firmer mattress or fluffier pillows might help you get the perfect night’s sleep you have been craving.

10 – No clock-watching
We have all done and it and there is nothing worse than doing it when you have a busy day in the morning. Turn you clock the other way and let the alarm do its job and do not be tempted to have a peak – it will not help!

One change could be the key to unlock your peaceful night’s sleep, so try our tips and see which works for you.