Beds for Teenagers - What They Need and What They Want

If you are the parent of a teenager, it will become immediately apparent that bed shopping is not the straightforward task it once was. During a child’s infant years, you are pretty much able to make the choice of new bed on their behalf; teenagers, on the other hand, are much more independent and like to make their own decisions – decisions that are often different to your own!

Bed shopping for teenagers requires their involvement; you cannot just pick a bed and expect them to like it, because on most occasions they won’t! Parents and teenagers have different opinions on most things and beds are no exception. What they need and what they want are often polar opposite, and you can be sure that what you think is good choice will be greeted with rolled eyes from your son or daughter.

Choosing the right bed

As I have said, when shopping for a bed for a teenager you are going to need to involve them in the decision. Although it is your money buying the bed, you shouldn’t assume that you are given free rein on choice! What money does do, though, is leave you with the deciding vote, therefore, you can ask your teenage son or daughter to narrow the choice down to three or four beds from which you will choose the best one based on cost, value, and what is right for your child’s room.

There are literally hundreds of different beds available for teenagers, but with the average teenager’s room considerably lacking space (they have so much stuff these days!), mid and high sleepers are the standout choice.

Mid and high sleeper beds

As the name suggests, mid sleeper beds and high sleeper beds are designed to be higher off the ground than traditional single beds. The great thing about these beds is that they open up the floor space below; this can be used for storage, seating, or – quite commonly – a computer desk. These beds are also incredibly stylish, coming in both wooden and metal frames, with colours that match the room décor of a growing teenager. The most popular brands are Stompa, Thuka, Steens and Parisot. Teenagers in desperate need of storage space may be well suited to the Parisot Kurt 1 Midsleeper, which provides ample room for everything from books to CDs and the added bonus of a desk. Another good choice would be the Besitter Bunk, which comes with a 2-door wardrobe for that ever-changing clothing collection, and a desk for school and college work.
Parisot Kurt Midsleeper
With the PC an important part of every teenager’s life for schoolwork and social networking, the Thuka Trendy Highsleeper Bed A with its under bed desk is both stylish and practical. This bed also comes equipped with a sofa bed, which is ideal for increasingly common sleepovers.

To choose the right bed you (and your son or daughter) need to take in to consideration the type of bed, the size of the room and the needs of the teenager. While you may think that a simple single bed or metal bed is suitable, it may not make the most of the available space, and more importantly, it may not be liked by your offspring and met with fierce criticism.