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Types of Mattresses: How to Choose a Mattress for You

There are a lot of factors involved in getting a good night’s sleep – room temperature, stress level, pillow and quilt type – but each of these factors play second fiddle to one thing: the mattress. Let’s be honest, nothing plays a more important role in a good night’s sleep than the mattress underneath you and, before you set out to find the perfect winter or summer quilt and the softest pillow, you must start your quest for a peaceful night of sleep with the mattress.

If you are entering the market for a new mattress, prepare to be bewildered by the sheer vastness of choice. There are dozens of different mattresses for every type of bed and don’t think the choice is made any more straightforward by narrowing down mattresses to the size of your bed frame. When it comes to getting that good night’s sleep, you have to purchase a mattress that is right for you; but with so much choice how are you supposed to do this?
Well, it is all about comfort, support, and understanding.

Comfort and support

These two characteristics go hand-in-hand when choosing the right mattress. You cannot expect to achieve a comfortable night’s sleep if the mattress you are lying on does not provide the right support and likewise, support will not matter a jot if the mattress is not a comfortable one.

Many people judge the comfort of a mattress based on softness – if a mattress is lovely and soft when you lay on it, then surely it is of the perfect comfort, right? Not necessarily. You see, the lack of support provided by a mattress that is too soft will have a negative impact on your sleep and leave you with sore and stiff muscles on a morning. The key to finding the right mattress – one that offers comfort and support in equal measure – is to understand the different types.


There are a handful of different mattress types that are manufactured by dozens of different brands and each type has benefits and drawbacks.

Continuous coil mattress

Arguably, the most common type of bed mattress on the market is the continuous coil spring. One of the cheapest mattresses available, continuous coil mattresses are made from a single looped wire, this means that the springs move as a single unit and any movement from a partner can be felt by you. The great benefit to these mattresses is their low cost.

Open coil mattress

Another popular type of mattress, open coils are separate springs fixed together with wire. These mattresses are also cost-friendly for those on a budget.

Memory foam mattress

Topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive visco-elastic material, memory foam is more expensive than sprung mattresses but better at relieving pressure on painful joints. The memory foam is affected by room temperature and body heat and is designed to mould to the shape of your body, making you feel warmer and more comfortable.

Pocket sprung mattress

Made up of springs sewn into individual pockets, these mattresses provide excellent support and comfort. Each spring absorbs weight individually and makes it less likely to feel a partner moving around during sleep.

High density foam and latex foam mattresses

High density foam and latex foam offer the same level of comfort as other mattresses and are the perfect choice for anyone allergic to house dust mites and bacteria. These mattresses are also effective at limiting motion transfer and offer a cooler night’s sleep in comparison to memory foam.

For mattress types in all sizes and for all budgets, BedzRus provide you with exactly what you need for a good night’s sleep.
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