Christmas Eve Sleep Tips for Children

christmas eve sleep tips for children

Christmas Eve is one of the most magical nights of the year for kids. However, though all good little children know that Father Christmas only comes when you are asleep; it can be hard to get them to settle down and get some shut-eye with so much excitement. Especially, if you have family and friends around. We have compiled some tips on how to get your kids to sleep on Christmas Eve.

1) Make Christmas Eve an active day

According to a study from Australia for every hour, a child spends inactive during the day adds three minutes to the time taken to get to sleep at bedtime. If the weather is on your side, try to spend time outside in the fresh air to burn off some pre-Christmas energy. If not, then a trip to an indoor play area or energetic games (such as hide and seek) inside the house can also work a treat.

2) Stick to your normal routine as much as possible

Going through the bedtime routine, as usual, will often help send signals to children that it’s time to feel sleepy. This may be harder if you’re away from home at Christmas or you have a full house, but you can bring most of your routine with you e.g. bath, brush teeth, story time, teddy etc.

3) Don’t wait for ‘overtiredness’ to kick in

It is tempting for many parents to let their children stay up late on Christmas Eve so that they have more chance of sleeping in the following morning. However, it rarely seems to work! If you’re not able to stick to your normal bed time then keep an eye out for signs of tiredness, which are often followed quickly by a bit of a meltdown, and take action with instigating bedtime as soon as you can.

4) Talk through the routine beforehand

It can be reassuring for children if they know beforehand how bedtime on Christmas Eve will play out. Give them plenty of notice of how it’s going to work which can help promote calmness e.g. After the Christmas film we’ll put out the mince pie and the carrot, then it will be bath time, then story time for 20 minutes, then sleep.

5) Get out the Christmas pyjamas 

When you are getting the kids ready to settle down for bed, get out the Christmas pyjamas. This gives them a cue that bedtime is coming and it also makes the night a little bit special. Once they have their new jim jams on get them to help you sprinkle reindeer dust in the garden, so that Santa’s reindeer will find their house, and put out the mince pies and carrots. Then it’s strictly bed time!

6) If they get up, take them back to bed

Whilst some children will stay quietly in bed if they’re finding it hard to sleep, many won’t! Taking them straight back to bed with no fuss is often the best way to deal with serial getter-uppers. You might have to do it a few times, but for most children, it works in the end as being up and constantly being taken back to bed isn’t that much fun after a while.

7) Santa only visits when you’re asleep

If all else fails, a reminder that Father Christmas only visits sleeping children could be enough to convince your child to give closing their eyes for a while a chance – and hopefully enough time for real sleep to overtake them!


How de-cluttering your bedroom can help you get a better night’s sleep

Whilst the minimalist look isn’t for everyone, sleep experts maintain that for many people, having a clean and tidy bedroom can help you to get a better night’s sleep. A survey by The National Sleep Foundation found that those who made their beds regularly experienced better sleep, whilst those who slept in a clean, clutter-free room, enjoyed an improved quality of sleep too.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary that reflects your personality, not a sterile and faceless area. The good news is that your room can have style and also lend itself to tidiness, meaning you can have the best of both worlds.

Storage is the key

Storage can be a tricky thing to master in your bedroom. If you don’t have built-in wardrobes or cupboards, it can often be difficult to find enough freestanding storage to hold everything you need it to, whilst also fitting in with the décor and not taking up too much room.

One place which is often overlooked for storage is the bed itself. Divan beds can be the perfect solution as they have built-in storage, so you can keep everything totally hidden away until needed, in neat drawers.

Another great type of bed which is made with handy storage is the Ottoman-style design. With an easy-lifting mechanism to make accessing your storage space a doddle, these beds help you make the most of the room under your mattress but also keep everything neatly concealed from the outside.


As well as hiding the clutter away, there are a few other steps you can take to minimise the mess in your bedroom. Leave the dirty laundry basket elsewhere – the bathroom perhaps? Does clean laundry sit in your room for a day or so before being put away? If you do it straight away, the whole bedroom will feel tidier and instantly be a more relaxing place.


Combine this with a regular change of fresh sheets and bedding to create a sleep space that welcomes you in, helps you get a better quality of rest and sets you up for a great next day.


Sleep easy with the BBC’s Last Tango in Halifax

bedz r us bed

Bedz R Us have supplied a bed for the filming of the Last Tango in Halifax Christmas special due to air on 19th December, with the second part broadcasting the next day on the 20th December.

The bed supplied to the popular BBC show was the Harmony Buckingham Natural King Size Bed. Made from natural poplar wood, the raised foot end will keep your mattress in a secure place and the middle is supported by two legs for added strength.

The Christmas special sees the return of septuagenarians Alan (Derek Jacobi) and Celia (Anne Reid) and their respective families. Set two years after the death of a major character, Celia’s daughter, Caroline, played by Sarah Lancaster, gets a new job and moves to Huddersfield, which is described by one character as ‘the dark side of the moon’ in the trailer. Caroline moves into an old farmhouse which is apparently haunted and Celia takes part in a local play.

Alan’s daughter Gillian (Nicola Walker) is preoccupied with some unusual activity in her barn and Gillian’s past comes back to haunt her, which affects her relationship with Robbie (Dean Andrews).

Sarah Lancashire said of the production: “It’s brilliant to be back filming Last Tango in Halifax again and to be back with everyone. This Christmas special is a very eventful one and it will be great to see how everyone’s lives have changed over the past two years.”

Written by Sally Wainwright, the Last Tango in Halifax is the story of how childhood lovers, Alan and Celia, found love with each other later in life after their grandchildren persuaded them to join Facebook. The last episode, where we saw Caroline mourn the loss of her wife Kate, aired back in 2014 and attracted 7.4 million viewers.

Mark Moore from Bedz R Us said: “We’re really excited to have the opportunity to provide an essential part of the set for a forthcoming episode of Last Tango in Halifax. The Harmony Buckingham Natural Bed is one of our most popular and we’re sure that it will look great on camera! It’s fantastic for the area having the show filmed locally and we’re very happy to play a small part in its very deserved success.”

Filming took place in Halifax as well as parts of Lancashire. Despite part of the story being based in Huddersfield no filming was done in the West Yorkshire market town.


What are your tips for a fun family Christmas?

Christmas can be one of the most exciting times of year – whatever your age! However, it can also be a challenging time for parents as they try to make their family time special, but at the same time keeping the excitement of their child, or children, at manageable levels so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

We asked some of the UK’s top parent bloggers for their tips and family traditions which help make Christmas special for all of the family; and less stressful for parents!

bedz r us family christmas tips

Thank you to all of the bloggers for their contributions and great ideas!

Hart of the Munchkin Patch

Where roots and wings entwine

The Brick Castle

Red Rose Mummy

Suit Your Look

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your child’s bedroom this Christmas or beyond, take a look at our extensive range of high quality children’s beds. Most beds are available with free, next day delivery!


5 fun ways to upgrade your child’s bedroom

As children grow up and start to express their own individual personality more, their preferences will change and develop too. If you give their entire bedroom an overhaul every time your child changes their favourite colour or likes a different TV show, things could easily get expensive! So, we have put together some tips on small-scale changes you can make to any kid’s bedroom to help your child express themselves, without breaking the bank.

Create a feature wall

This is something popular in the grown up decorating world, but for children, it can mean something quite different. If your child is a budding artist, or just loves colouring in, you can turn one wall in their room into their very own studio very easily, without having to redecorate everything. Using chalkboard paint on a wall or part of a wall, you can transform what was once a blank space into a great area for self-expression, a place to practice writing and drawing whenever they like, without getting into trouble for scribbling where they shouldn’t.

bedz r us childrens bedroom

If chalk isn’t your child’s thing, then you can also get colouring wallpaper in a huge variety of designs (everything from their favourite cartoon characters or animals, to blank picture frames which leaves the drawings up to you), meaning your child can doodle to their heart’s content. Grown-ups have been known to find it pretty relaxing at times too!

Wall stickers

If you’d rather keep the wall art more temporary, you can transform the look of a room quite easily with removable decals. These can be changed without any hassle when your child’s tastes or interests do, so you’re not left with a tweenager sulking in a bedroom with Peppa Pig on the wall.

bed z r us childrens bedroom wallstickers

Look up!

As the needs of your growing child change, the functions of their bedroom will also do the same. Where they once used all of the floor space for playing with toys, sooner or later they will need somewhere to do homework, study and more storage for clothes. You don’t necessarily need to make wholesale changes to their bedroom, but, especially if space is an issue, a high sleeper bed with room underneath for a desk and additional storage can be a fairly simple way to change the entire feel of the room.

bed z r us childrens bedroom bunkbed

Light up your life

Making a small change to the lighting in your child’s room can actually bring about a big transformation. Swapping out the usual shade for something a bit different is one way to bring those changes, but you can also introduce new light features to make a bigger difference. Although light is often mainly functional, there is no reason why it can’t be decorative too! For younger children, it’s definitely better to keep anything electrical out of reach, but for older kids, a jar of fairy lights securely sitting on a shelf or their name in lights above the bed can add a brand new focal point to the bedroom.

bed z r us childrens bedroom lights


Glow in the dark paint is something that can add a touch of magic to a child’s room and really help spark their imagination both in daytime and after dark. With templates available to help those who are a little challenged in the artistic department, these stunning effects are actually achievable by pretty much anybody.

bed z r us childrens bedroom glowtastic

If you decide to give your child’s room a makeover and want advice on high-quality beds and bedroom furniture which is built to last but looks great too, take a look at our range of brilliant children’s beds and accessories.


What kind of pillows do I need?

what kind of pillows do i need

If you get pain in your neck and shoulders or you seem to be having a poor quality and disrupted sleep, the first thing that comes to mind is not likely to be ‘I need a new pillow’. Having an old pillow that has lost all its support can actually have a dramatic impact on your sleep and well-being. Most pillows, whether stuffed with synthetic or natural material, will only last one to five years and as they age, they may become unhygienic.

When to replace your pillow

You will need to replace your pillow when you start to get lumps and sagging. Lexie Sachs, textiles analyst in the Good Housekeeping Institute, told Good Housekeeping magazine, “If you have a traditional fibre fill pillow, fold it in half and place a book on top of it. If it springs back to shape, it’s still good, but if it stays folded in half, it’s time for a new one.” Sachs also claims that if you have a memory foam pillow that is crumbly or no longer holds its shape, this also needs to go.

Your sleep style

The kind of pillow you need will depend on your sleeping style – do you sleep on your front, back or side? If you are a tummy sleeper, a soft pillow is best. A back sleeper? Choose a medium thickness pillow such as one with memory foam and if you sleep on your side, pick a high-fill pillow.

Pillow materials

When it comes to pillow material, there are three main types. Down and feathers, synthetic fill and memory foam. The latter tends to be thicker and firmer, while natural down is the fluffiest. Synthetic material is normally the cheapest and is still soft and supportive, but it tends not to last as long as natural down. Sachs recommends that you check the weave of the material, as the tighter the woven fabric, the more likely it will keep the fill in and the allergens out.

Hypoallergenic pillows

If you suffer from allergies, getting hypoallergenic pillows can help to reduce the symptoms. You may think that you have to choose synthetic material, but this is not always necessarily the case. Dust mites, which cause allergies, are not fussy what kind of material your bedding is made out of. Recent studies at St George’s Hospital, London and elsewhere have shown that synthetic pillows harbour more dust mites than those filled with traditional feather and down. However, if you are allergic to feathers, it’s best to opt for synthetic materials. To ensure there is no build-up of dust mites, wash all bedding at 60 degrees or above.

At Bedz R Us, we take sleep seriously, we have thousands of beds for sale with many of them available for next day delivery.


When should you get a new bed?

A bed is a big purchase. It’s one you want to get right, but no matter how perfect your bed was when you bought it, both mattresses and bed frames do wear out. Having a bed that is no longer suitable can lead to poor sleep, contribute to a bad back and general aches and pains. So, when do you need to get a new bed and what are the warning signs that your bed has reached its sell by date?

How do you know if your mattress has become too worn?

  • If you start getting aches and pains that fade as the day goes on, chances are your mattress is no longer supporting your body the way it should.
  • If you are getting poor sleep in your own bed but not in another (such as guest room or relative’s house), then it’s probably time to upgrade to a new mattress.
  • If your mattress is sagging, lumpy or looking generally worn, it may have lost its support structure meaning it’s time to get a new one.
  • Another defect to look out for is dislodged springs.
  • Old sagging mattresses are ideal homes for dust mites and bed bugs. If you wake up sneezing, then it’s likely there is a build-up of dust mites, making this a very good reason to get a new mattress.
  • Generally, it is recommended to change your mattress every eight years.

How do you know if your bed frame needs replacing?

  • It’s not just your mattress that can get worn, your bed frame can too. Check to see if your bed frame is unstable. Does it move or make a noise? If so, check any screws and tighten them if needs be. However, if the bed still moves then it’s time to get a new one.
  • Check your bed base for damage including the castors. If there is damage then it is best to replace it.
  • If you have a sprung based bed frame and the springs are broken or out of place, it will affect the mattress’s performance too.
  • Ideally, you should buy a bed and mattress together as they are designed to complement each other.

Need a new bed base or mattress? Then take a look at our selection of stylish beds. We deliver all over the country and we can even ship some of our products the next day!


Bedz R Us sponsorship with the One in a Million Foundation

Bedz R Us are pleased to announce their partnership with Bradford-based charity, One in a Million. We have recently sponsored two children from the programme in order to help them with their future higher education and employability aspirations.

About One in a Million

Along with a number of local businesses, Bedz R Us have a longstanding relationship with the One in a Million programme when it comes to supporting the work that they do for the young people of Bradford. Through sports, arts and enterprise themed platforms, One in a Million provide both formal and informal education for young people to excel.

Some of the activities facilitated by One in a Million include:

  • Alternative education provision – helping young people who have been excluded or at risk of exclusion to take part and re-engage with education and learning
  • Community projects – delivering curriculum programmes which include over 35 sports, arts and enterprise activities
  • Free school – OIAM secondary school built as an academy to educate Bradford’s young people with a broad and wide-ranging curriculum
  • Positive Lifestyle centre – aimed towards primary schools and instilling a message about creating responsible citizens in the community
  • Youth offending team – working alongside young people who are directly involved with the criminal justice system
  • Corporate events and sponsorship – the fundraising team collaborate on efforts to promote events and activities, as well as engaging with local businesses.

one in a million foundation

Bedz R Us Sponsorship

With yearly donations for two individuals, Bedz R Us are able to invest in the future of the local area, making way for a workforce which is ready for what’s ahead of them. Funding will allow both children to be involved with projects that may not have been accessible beforehand, as well as offering facilities such as ‘community hubs’ in and around Bradford’s constituencies.

Mark Moore from Bedz R Us commented: “Bedz R Us is delighted to be able to sponsor two individuals through the programme. We’re proud to be a part of the fantastic Yorkshire community and like to take every opportunity to give back to people in the local area. We think that One in a Million offers an essential service and excellent support to local children and young people, which is why we wanted to be involved in the great work that they do.”

one in a million foundation

For more information about the One in a Million charity, you can visit their website here.


Top tips for buying a child’s bed

It can feel like a bit of a minefield when you’re looking for a new bed for your child. As well as the obvious considerations such as size, style and look of the bed, you also need to take into account the safety certifications and quality standards to ensure you’re getting a bed that will keep meeting the needs of your child for some time to come.

We have compiled some top tips to help you choose a child’s bed that’s right for your requirements:

Toddler & Junior beds

If you’re moving you child from a cot to a ‘big bed’ for the first time, it can sometimes be a difficult transition for everyone involved. However, this bed can often last a growing child for several years, so it’s an important choice to make.

  • Choose safety side rails/raised edge

The great thing about junior beds is that many of them come with slightly raised sides or safety rails, usually always at the head and sometimes at the foot of the bed too, which minimises the risks of the child falling out.. Choosing a bed with this feature gives parents peace of mind and ensures that even restless sleepers are safer sleeping in this type of junior bed.

  • Make their new bed a fun place to be

Some children don’t always deal well with changes, and moving to a ‘big bed’ can upset the balance. One way you can try to ensure a smoother transition is to find a junior bed which your toddler loves, so it’s seen by them as a fun place to spend time, and not something to be dreaded or feared. There are many novelty bed options, which can help to not only ease the change of sleeping arrangements, but also help spark your child’s imagination at the same time.


Beds for children of 6+ years

Whilst junior beds are brilliant, even if your child hasn’t outgrown theirs physically by the time they hit around six years of age, they probably will be ready to move on to something bigger and more grown up. This is where the choices can really open up! Do you opt for a traditional, simple single bed, or go for a mid-sleeper, high sleeper or bunk beds?

  • Look for a bed which reflects your child’s personality

It might sound obvious, but basing at least part of your buying decision on your individual child’s personality can make a big difference in how they take to their new bed. A bedroom can help to spark your child’s imagination through play, as well as being a safe and cosy place for them to sleep. Choosing a novelty bed which reflects their interests can be one way to do this, along with your child helping you to pick out colours and bedding.

  • Consider the best use of space in the bedroom

If space is somewhat limited in your child’s bedroom, choosing a mid or high sleeper style bed can be a great way to maximise usable space, as it means there is an area under the bed which is big enough to be a play area or storage for younger children, or to fit a desk or a seating area for older children and teens.


  • Check the manufacturing quality

Whichever bed you choose for any age of child, you’ll want to be sure that it meets all of the safety and quality standards which are legally required. This is one reason why it’s a great idea to pick a brand renowned for their build quality great customer service. Some of the top quality names in children’s beds to look out for include Thuka, Scallywag and Stompa.